Thank you for your interest in joining the OSC Audio BETA testing team. This guide is to help educate our BETA testers and potential testers on what to expect from our BETA program.

How to join:
Sign up is currently through direct email ( or via our Discord channel. Reach out to our team and let us know your interests, what product’s you’re interested in, and some background on your knowledge or use of audio plug-ins, tools, etc.

iOS Downloads:
All iOS downloads will be available on TestFlight when available. Once your invitation to the BETA system is accepted you will receive one email to join the team, and another email for each app granting you a code for access.

Mac/PC Downloads:
All Mac/PC downloads will be sent directly using our Cloud services. These will be distributed on a per-request basis after you’ve joined the team.

Where to Post Bugs:
Bugs are informally posted to the Discord channel in a specific chat. See link below.

OSC Audio Official Discord

Guideline for Posting Bugs:
All users can post bugs, and while there are no official rules. Please use the example below as a guideline to help our developers quickly find and resolve all behaviors.

Crash on close of Audio/MIDI Setup

Upon selecting any ASIO type audio device on Windows, the EXAMPLE APP will crash.

To Recreate:

1) Launch EXAMPLE app
2) Enter the Audio/MIDI Setup
3) Change only the output device
4) Use the “X” to close the window (do not click outside of hte window)
5) The app will crash

Crash log:
Insert Link or attachment.

Thank you again for helping us bring the best possible products to our users. As a thank you all BETA testers can access up to 75% off via promo code.

For access to your unique promo code, contact OSC Audio on Discord, or email us at

Your OSC Audio Team

Support Email:
Contact Email:
Discord: OSCaudio#2546