springVerb is a macOS, Windows, and iOS compatible stereo multi-mode spring reverb. Designed for VST3, AU, AUv3, and stand-alone use.

Spring reverb has a long history, making debut on organ sounds and really getting noticed when being built into some of the most famous guitar amps known to man. In today's musical world, spring reverb is now pretty much used on anything that could use just a touch of ambience.

springVerb is packed with 7 spring modes to give you a wide range of spring sounds to bring to your mix.


Unlock the full sonic potential of each mode with in-depth controls; Mix, Dampening, Ducking, Left/Right Repeats and Decay. Their three band EQ Section (Low, Mid, and High), and master controls (Master Volume & Pan).


Immerse your audio in the full-bodied resonance of a big spring sound. Adjust the decay for a classic spring touch, or crank it up to 10 to let the spring go wild, creating a massive ambience for your recordings.

Experience a less traditional digital spring mode, providing a less intrusive sound that is perfect for adding subtle touches of space to your source.

CaliSprings (With & Without Cabinet):
Indulge in the traditional guitar-amp-based spring reverb with the expected twang. This sound offers a classic spring touch, and for added versatility. Specifically designed with guitar players in mind.

Explore a vintage famous spring reverb found on stage and in studios around the world. Inspired by a legendary spring reverb from the 1970s.

Engage with a larger vintage spring reverb. Inspired from a legendary spring reverb from the 1980s.

Expand your sonic pallet with a rare, unique, huge spring sound. Inspired by a musician's favorite rack style spring reverb from the early 1980s.