What’s New in v1.0.1

-Optimized Amp Envelope to ensure smoother attacks and reduced pops or clicks
-General sound quality improvements

Sub atomic bass. Anywhere. For any mix.

sub808 is the end result of countless hours dialing in and perfecting the perfect 808 - so you don’t have to!

Experience the instant power of sub808 in your productions and sculpt your bass into something uniquely yours with our intuitive interface, all within moments.

At its core, sub808 includes 50 Factory Presets, featuring 4 distinct flavors: Smooth, Tape, Gritty, and Nasty. Each flavor comes with its own unique analog character, providing excellent starting points for your creativity. Fine-tune these sounds to perfection with 8 Drive modes, offering precise control over drive and mix levels.

Variable Source Control

Each of the 4 distinctive flavors were created using our warm analog chain with mastering-grade converters, meticulously designed to seamlessly allow itself to integrate into any track.

Limitless Drive Combinations

Every 808 needs just the right amount of saturation, whether that is a crazy over-the-top tube overdrive, or just some subtle soft clipping. To ensure you can navigate the spectrum between subtlety and intensity while preserving your original sound, we've equipped it with 8 robust Drive modes. Dive into precise control over both drive and mix levels, empowering you to sculpt your audio with unmatched precision and finesse.

Easy-To-Dial-in  Cutoff & Glide Times

Experience enhanced versatility with a filter cutoff featuring both pre and post-saturation modes, enabling you to position your filter precisely within the signal chain. Elevate your bass playability with the added convenience of an easily adjustable glide function, facilitating seamless pitch bending between your bass lines for added depth and expression.

Handcrafted Envelope and Shaper

We’ve dialed in a customized amp envelope, giving you just what you need: Attack & Release. To complement this further, a specialized transient shaper that can sculpt your sound from a smooth bass pad to PUNCH kick drum sound with ease.

Collaborate, Anytime, Anywhere   

Whether you have a fleet of production machines or if you collaborate with music makers around the world, we have you covered with cross-platform compatibility & presets to make switching between any machine fast and easy.