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sumFX is a modular multi-FX processor for Mac/PC and now iOS! Designed with simplicity in mind, to help keep you focused on the music and the sum of your efforts.

Packed with 8 high quality FX modules with oversampling to prevent aliasing or cramping, an available 8 slots, each loaded with Wet/Dry control (Global Dry/Wet also available) and 2 (5-Mode) LFOs per slot, creating new unique sounds is quick and easy.

Quick tools every engineer need are built right into the interace. Including reset chain, pre/post waveform metering, undo/redo, chain level input/output control, and input match to auto match your output level to the input level.

50 cross-platform slot & chain presets are included to get you to any sound you need quickly and we’ve packed in an easy to use pre/post waveform view to help keep you focused on the result of your FX.

Changes from v1.0
New preset load drop down lists for Slot and Chain
New preset save added next to save as for Slot and Chain
New preset next/previous for Slot and Chain via “<” and “>” symbols
New tutorial on first launch
New Link control for Input/Output gain inside powerPhase (Utility)
New iPhone (only) view selections for LFO, FX, or FULL view for easier usability
Refactored LFO/Mode sections for easier selections & more efficient CPU
Warning added to LFO/Mode to remind users when FX OFF
Corrected missing check boxes in Audio Setup (Stand alone only)
Corrected Delay reaction when Link engaged/disabled
General reliability improvements



8 Powerful Modules

SyncDynamics Multimode dynamic FX with BPM sync attack/release (Noise Gate, Expander, Compressor, Limiter)

stereoFilter Stereo filter with link or individual channel controls (LPF12, HPF12, BPF12, LPF24, HPF24, BPF24, Notch, Formant)

variMod Multimode modulation FX with stereo offset (Chorus, Flanger, Vibrato, Phaser, Tremolo, Auto Pan)

EQuator Full high quality EQ module (3 Parametric Bands, High/Low Shelf, HPF/LPF) with L/R or link control.

frostReverb Stereo Algorithmic Reverb with freeze control.

bucketDelay Stereo Digital Delay with individual channel control.

variPitch Stereo Pitch Shifter with 3X Modes (Doubler, Harmonizer, Full Control)

powerPhase Multimode Saturation, Utility Gain In/Out, Mono Maker, Channel msDelay, & Phase inverter.

2X LFO per-slot

Each LFO offers 5 modes (sin, square, triangle, sawtooth, random), with positive, negative, and bipolar behaviors, able to control almost all of your FX parameters. LFO 2 can even modulate the first one.

  1. Full Features
  1. 8 Slot chain
  2. Chain presets for groups of FX
  3. Slot presets for induvidual FX
  4. Undo/Redo for quick A/B or Copy/Paste
  5. Full Chain Wet/Dry control
  6. Reset Chain to start fresh
  7. Post waveform view to see the sum of your FX
  8. Pre waveform to see your input signal and compare
  9. Visual aide for current FX
  10. Chain & Slot Dry/Wet controls
  11. LFO Section with visual aide
  12. Chain input levels
  13. Chain output levels